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After closing during the pandemic the King William IV pub in Combe Down has recently been placed on the market. Although it appears that the initial intention is to sell it as a pub, rather than for redevelopment, there is no guarantee that this will be the final outcome.


As a group of local residents we strongly believe it is hugely important that this historic establishment stays as a pub. We also believe that with the right management it can become an important and greater asset at the heart of the village and community. Due to the fact that the pub is already on the market there is a need to act quickly to secure its future.

Our current mission is to achieve three things:

  • Gather support and raise awareness of the desire of the local community to return the King William IV to a successful local pub.

  • Research and evaluate all possible options that can be pursued to ensure the King William IV pub has a viable future in the best interests of the community.

  • Measure interest in the idea of securing ownership of the King William IV to run as a a family-friendly community pub with outdoor space and good food.

Please use the form below to register your support.  If you are also interested in contributing:

  • time/skills to the cause (particularly Financial, Web/IT, Legal/Planning and Marketing skills)

  • financially to a community purchase

Please tick the optional boxes to let us know. 

There is no commitment in either of these cases, our current focus is on assessing the level of interest.​

Register your support

Thanks for your support!

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